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Nouveau sac feutré !!

Il était terminé depuis un petit bout de temps mais je n’avais pas encore trouvé le petit ruban pour la finition.  Maintenant c’est fait alors voici mon dernier sac feutré terminé !!

(Hey Jenny : This is my last felted bag with Bare Sheep Yarn « Millie » !!)




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  • You are the fastest knitter I have ever met!!! The bag, sweaters, SOCKS!!!!! ARE AWESOME!!! You are going to kick butt in the yarn club. I wish I knew more French. My sister Marci read me some of your blog. I hope you are enjoying the Harry Potter book. Everyone in my family can’t wait until her next series.

    Have a good one,

  • Hi Jenny !! Thank you for your great comment ! You know, I knit fast because the Bare Sheep yarn is so wonderful ;-) I can’t wait to start the project for the Bare Sheep Yarn Club ! And I am reading Harry Potter every day, I have an appointment to the hospital tomorrow and I know I will have a lot of time to knit and to read !!! This is my first experience with socks, I wonder how it will look like at the end hee hee !!
    see you on the Bare Sheep blog :-)

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Comments (3)